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The sealing material production level began to gradually phe

High performance sealing products developed in China, to remove the seal is used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, civil machinery industry and other fields, but also in the transmission system of weapon industry, antifriction sleeve and sealing of high pressure and high temperature gas tight sealing plug in application. Because it is reciprocating seal and radiation proof seal, it is also popularized on special ships.
The static sealing material technology has reached a high level, which is because the static seal depends on the sealing and surface, and its clearance can be sealed. According to different medium and different working temperature, choose in different sealed environment. Because the static sealing products include different sizes and specifications. The original seals are mainly used for all kinds of plane static seals, end face guide slot seals, cylindrical static seals, dustproof seals or vehicle window frames, and the hatch door seals.
The static sealing materials are divided into high temperature resistant, ablative, high strength and ultra low temperature type.
According to the strength of its sealing products, special NBR has excellent properties such as oil resistance, high and low temperature, high strength, high elasticity and so on.
These results show that the technology is mature and the process is stable. It is used for pressure oil, mechanical oil and lubricating oil, and it is suitable for the wide range of temperature.
In fact, short time and high temperature resistant -50 130 DEG C to 150 DEG C, are manufactured in a variety of activities or fixed oil seals, valve parts and all kinds of sealing material washers, gaskets, sealing strip!

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